Short Biography

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Cap started creating graffiti designs in the Bronx New York in 1976, Before then Cap had influence from some family members who were into drawing and painting artwork. Caps first public designs were his graffiti lettering and numerals. Doing street graffiti to 1979 then painting the outsides of trains. In 1981 cap was an all city graffiti king and took part in the graffiti documentary style wars. Cap was the only artist to paint a train live for the film, and his copyrighted cap throw up {piece} became the most recognized graffiti design in the world at that time, and still considered this to date. Cap was considered a true outlaw in the art world. He has also painted many graffiti murals with friends and contemporaries.

Since then Cap has painted in many countries around the world painting for companies and with friends. Cap has added artwork to projects for Frank 151 magazine, Ride snow boards, Dragon optical. also doing products with Alife NYC, Tuff city designs, Wild style technicians and many more top name design companies. Cap has worked as a painter with companies in New York for over 25 years honing his skills as a full finish painter, as a sprayer and as a sign painter becoming an all aspect painter in his own right. Caps artwork on canvas are in art collections and galleries around the world for more info about this painting legends professional background.

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